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This is our clearing house for all the best information we've found on our favorite games. Where possible, credit has been given to the original author. Have any helpful tips or tricks? Send them in!

Quake III Arena

Q3:TA 1.27h Tweaks: Is Quake III: Team Arena 1.27h a bit choppy for your tastes? Check our list of tweaks to fine-tune it to your tastes.
Q3:TA Demo Tweaks: Same as the above, only for the Q3:TA demo.
Cheat Codes: Feeling a little lame? Cheat!
Handy Console Commands: The console is a powerful tool, these commands will help you make the most of it.

Unreal Tournament

UT2K4 Tips: Some handy tips and tricks we've discovered for Unreal Tournament 2004.
UT Benchmarks: Everyone could use some extra frames per second. Find out how various settings impact framerates.
UT Cheat Codes: Need a little, um, help? These cheats will do the trick.

Team Fortress Classic

Introduction to TFC: J gives an overview of Team Fortress Classic and a brief summary of each class.
The Scout: Do you have the need for speed? Then the Scout is the TFC class for you!


The Haus of Shogo: Visit A.T.'s original Haus for all your Shogo needs.
Gamer Speak: Does all the jargon on gaming news sites leave your head spinning? Check out our "Gamer Speak" dictionary and translate those terms into (relatively) understandable English.