The Haus

About The Haus

TheHaus.Net was founded on August 2, 1999 by A.T. Hun and The Master. They had been talking about doing a site based on their various interests for quite a while. The Haus is a news site, but not just a news site. It is a gaming site, but not just a gaming site. Whatever they like will make an appearance on The Haus! By the way, "Haus" is German for "house" and is pronounced just like the English word.

Haus Staff

A.T. Hun
A.T. is one of The Haus co-founders. A.T. adds news and various information on gaming. He is responsible for the layout of the Haus and writes the occasional blistering diatribe.

The Master
The Master is the other co-founder of The Haus. He is the programming wizard who designs the scripts that make The Haus run like a well-oiled machine. The Master does news updates, writes articles, and has been known to sound off on various and sundry subjects too.

Some people are so popular, they are known by only one name. J needs only one letter. He shows us the best of Quake III Arena and Unreal Tournament maps, mods, and mutators.

J.t.Qbe is our resident Unix guru. In regular updates to his Qbe (pronounced "Cube") Root column, he brings you the latest, greatest, coolest, and hottest in the world of Unix.