The Haus

THoP Logo by SarahConnor [THoP]

The Haus of Pain [THoP]

The Haus of Pain [THoP] is a Quake III Arena and Unreal Tournament 2003 clan. A couple of us were originally members of a Shogo clan called The Old Married Guys [RIP]. While the games and names have changed, we remain dedicated to the same principles we started with in RIP. Here are the THoP rules:

  1. You must play Quake III Arena and/or Unreal Tournament 2003 online (duh)
  2. You must be old (at least 22) and/or married
  3. No l337 haX0rs or other such folk need apply
  4. There is no rule four


Q3A Model
UT2K3 Model
A.T. Hun, Elder34Q3A, UT2K3MarvinCorrosion
J29Q3A, UT2K3Joker
The Master30Q3A, UT2K3BonesMr. Crow

Wanna Join?

The Haus of Pain is always looking for new members. If you enjoy playing Quake III Arena and/or Unreal Tournament and practice good sportsmanship, maybe you have what it takes to be in THoP! Notice that I didn't say that you have to be good, just willing to learn and looking to have fun. For more information contact our illustrious leader A.T. Hun.