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Gaming Sites

Blue's News: THE site for news on First Person Shooters.
ShackNews: sCary's News with his really weird views. Not for the easily offended.
Linux Games: News for penguin-powered gamers.
PlanetQuake: If you want Quake (Quake, QuakeWorld, Quake II, or Q3A), you'll find it here.

Computing Sites

Ars Technica: News "for the PC Enthusiast".
[H]ard|OCP: Hardware news, reviews, and tweaking.
Slashdot: All the very best computing news with a side order of paranoid communism.

Music & Sound

The Daily .Wav: Daily .wav files online. Neat site for the sound file collector
WinAmp: WinAmp-the best MP3 player online-and economical too!
Master Jukebox: The Master's online .mid jukebox


PHP: PHP-The .asp scripting language for UNIX. If you run a website in Linux, check this out NOW!
mySQL: Free SQL database. Fast, efficient, and simple.
HTML Compendium: If you write your HTML in a text editor like a real webdesigner, check this out.
W3School's Cascading Style Sheets Tutorial and XHTML Tutorial. Both of those sites were instrumental in the design of The Haus.
W3C's HTML validator and CSS validator: Don't just guess that your code follows the World Wide Web Consortium's standards. Use these tools to make sure.
Linux-A REAL OS: Source of the TrinityOS Linux security script.
Linux Documentation Project: Nuff' said.


User Friendly and Dilbert: The official comic strips of the information age.
Penny Arcade: Another online comic strip, mainly game oriented. Not for the faint-hearted, but very funny.
Megatokyo: an awesome online manga comic that The Master reads. It's updated on Mon, Wed and Fri, and he highly recommends it. Sports scores, news, and notes from your friends at ESPN.
The Brewery: A wealth of information on the fine arts of homebrewing, wine-making, and mead-making.
Chaos Manor: Chaos Manor-Jerry Pournelle's (of Byte and Sci-Fi writing fame) personal site online.
Geek Code: The Geek Code. For the truly geek at heart.