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Friday, December 10, 1999

Are the Q3A Bots Ignoring You?

They sure were ignoring me! Every time I tried to fire up a game of teamplay deathmatch or CTF, the bots would not listen to any of my commands! I checked the Quake 3 World forums (an excellent source of info, BTW) and found a thread entitled Bots that misbehave??!! One person posted that restoring the defaults did the trick, so I set out to find out which setting was the culprit. Fortunately, it didn't take me to long. Here's my answer, as posted on the above thread:
I've found the answer! Your name determines whether or not the bots will listen to you! I found out that the bots would listen to me fine if my name was (without quotes) "ATHun", "AT Hun", or "A T Hun". They will ignore me if my name is "A.T. Hun" or "ATHun /THP/". If there are periods or slashes in your name, the bots ignore you! Commas seem to work fine as do brackets [].

Since the I was using the name "A.T. Hun" and a previous poster was using "J.Frost" (I assume), the bots were ignoring us because of the periods in our names. "/lp/thankless" was being ignored because of the slashes. There may be other punctuation that causes problems, but I didn't play with it much.
There you have it. Are the bots ignoring you? Remove the punctuation from your name! Now if I could just get someone to explain to me why cg_crosshairHealth "1" isn't working . . .

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