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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Rotten Effort

Just read an article on ComputerWorld discussing Microsoft's latest strongarm tactics, where they use threats of illegal licensing of software as an angle to get Microsoft consultants into your business. This kind of crap is just arrogant BS at it's worst. Not surprising, since Microsoft has lost all of it's fear of the legal system. They will run over anyone now, and laugh at anyone that tries to stop them.

A.T. Hun comments: Color me not in the least bit surprised. This is the problem when you utterly dominate a market. Pretty soon, there are no legitimate ways to grow your business anymore. Eventually you turn to glorified protection rackets. Even if an individual or corporation has no other reason to consider Linux (and there are many others), this is the best reason to consider the switch. Remember this is what MS does to its customers.

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