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Wednesday, June 7, 2000

Sweeney on Unreal Petition

Epic's Tim Sweeney made a PlanetCrap message boards about the recently announced petition for Epic to finally release the $#@^&*% Unreal patch! Here's what he had to say:
Some of these petitions are really good ideas.

A bunch of gamers saying "we are your customers, and we believe you should do the following to support your product..." is way more effective than randomly slamming companies and products on message boards. When looking at flames, it can be hard to distinguish good ideas from maniacal rants. But a petition shows well-thought-out, widespread public suport for a cause.

Game developers who ignore this kind of thing do so at great risk.

The Unreal patch petition is certainly the #1 issue on our radar screen at Epic right now.

No, we're not issuing a response to the petition...after all, the petition wasn't asking us to put out a press release talking about what we're going to do, it's asking us to FINISH AND RELEASE THE DAMN PATCH, so...

Hopefully they'll actually get this bad-boy done. I almost bought it at the Mall of America the other day. I may just pick it up anyway . . .

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